TinyOptimizer is a small application geared to helping you optimize your static files quickly and easily. The application is entirely webservice driven so all of the optimization is done on the TinyCDN servers.

The application allows you to drag entire folders onto it, then it will recursively go through the directories looking for files that match the needed file types and then it will begin the process of optimizing them.

For more information about the application please check our blog.


TinyOptimizer is built using .NET and requires it to be running on your machine or server. The application will check for its dependencies when it installs.


You can optimize your own files by interfacing with our API. We currently expose SOAP and JSON endpoints at the following URLs:

SOAP: http://tinyoptimizer.tinycdn.com/Services/Optimizer/Optimizer.svc?wsdl
JSON: http://tinyoptimizer.tinycdn.com/Services/Optimizer/Optimizer.svc/json/<method name>

The method of interest is called "GetSchemes". It returns an array of supported optimization schemes. You will need to pass "SchemeName" to the processor service to indicate which optimization scheme to use.


The processor is currently located at:

http://tinyoptimizer.tinycdn.com/Services/Optimizer/Processor.svc/<scheme name>

You simply post RAW data (multipart/form-data coming soon!) to this URL. The response will be the processed (optimized) data. If an error occurs, the server will respond with status code 400. A more descriptive error response is not available yet, but we plan on it.

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